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Hiring remotely can be hard. Whenever you list a "remote job", what you want is to get top applicants that could be a great fit for your team. The last thing you want to do is to waste hours sorting through applicants that are only interesting in "working from home". We've been through thousands of remote job descriptions and studied "what worked". Then, we got feedback from expert recruiters and from our community.

We love documenting how to companies hire. If you're looking for some inspiration, check out our "[How Top Remote Companies Hire](" blogging series, where we study great remote companies.

We're excited to share with you this proven template to craft your job description. If you're an applicant looking for a remote job, join our webinar! helps remote startups attract top talent: Post a job on Remotive!

[Remote JOB TITLE]

[LOCATION REQUIREMENT] - [Company Name] - [Functional Team]

Company description
Explain here why you’re awesome (3 paragraphs max.), incl. the COMPANY’s mission.

As a member of the [X] team, your goal is to….
The TEAM’s mission and the CANDIDATE’s mission goes here
Share what the candidate will work on.

Make a distinction between what is REQUIRED & what is OPTIONAL
Always include language, time zone and country requirement, if applicable.
Be upfront about any travels, if applicable (retreats=business trip).

Insurance, Vacation, Family perks/policies goes here...

About Us
Get the applicant excited about what you’re solving for your customers!

Our Values
Sharing companies values help qualify candidates in or out.

Diversity & Inclusion
Your company worked on Diversity & Inclusion over the past year? If yes, do share it! helps remote startups attract top talent: Post a job on Remotive!

Optional sections

Who you'll work with (and why)
Joe, Director of Engineering loves to...
Joyce, Design Lead is passionate about...
Janet, VP of Engineering leads the team that..

Our Remote Philosophy
Clarify any restrictions ( "US citizens only" ≠ "US time zones only" ≠ "US locations only")
Collaboration: Is overlap required? How many hours? Any asynchronous work?

Tools we use/love...

Salary Range & Employment status
Sharing a range will help attract top active & passive candidates. (eg. $80,000-$120,000)
Are you hiring FTEs or Contractors? Is salary calculated locally? Are benefits affected?

How to Apply
How soon can a candidate expect to hear back? Do you reply to all?
Brief summary of the next steps for successful candidates

Why not offer $X,000 if someone refer you to the person you hire? Well worth it.

S-M-A-R-T Expectations
In the first [week/month/quarter] you will achieve...

How we help you grow
How will the candidate grow at your company? Is management the only way up? Can Individual contributors strive? helps remote startups attract top talent: Post a job on Remotive!
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